Board game is one of the oldest types of entertainment people ever play, and yet many people still play it now. Some boards game are considered so imperishable that their popularity doesn’t wane even amidst the growing trend of digital gaming and entertainment. Most board games require the use of the dice, making chance the most significant factor that determines players’ victory. There are, however, some pure board games that rely solely on players’ ingenuity. These dice-less games are considered the best 2 player board games that will always be lovable to play for eternity. If you wish to challenge yourself and your gaming partner with a tabletop game that teaches you to think and to make the best move, think about trying any of the following games.

  • Chess; a classic game that has become one of the best 2 player board games for more than a millenium

Chess has been played for centuries by people from different civilizations, places and eras. The game looks very simple and with only 16 white pieces, 16 black pieces, and a checkered board consisting of 64 squares. Although the rule is very simple and can be learned in less than one hour, the game itself involves deep strategy that requires thoughtful thinking, courage to make sacrifice and to swap pieces, and patience. Chess is one of few board games that inspire a worldwide championship. Find a chess community, play with the best partner, and you may be able to become a worldwide chess champion one day. Being a professional board game, chess is undoubtedly one of the best 2 player board games that you can play with a partner.

  • 6 and 9 Men’s Morris; the best 2 player board games for strategy lovers

6 men’s morris is a strategy game that involves clever placement of pieces and annihilation of enemy’s pieces. Player who successfully removes all enemy’s pieces from the board wins the game. The playing board of 6 men’s morris consists of an outer and inner square with each having eight dots placed on its 4 corners and 4 centers of its sides. The two squares are connected by four lines that connect the 4 center dots of the respective squares. At the start of the game, each player can alternately place their six pieces on the board one by one. A player who can make a straight line consisting of three pieces can take one enemy’s piece out of the board. When all players have placed all of their pieces on the board, they can continue trying to make a straight line by moving one piece on each turn. In 9 men’s morris, there are 9 playable pieces instead of 6 and the board includes one additional outer square connected to the other squares on the centers of their four sides.

There are many other 2 player board games that you can play without using dice, such as the board game of Go and checker. You can explore those games as well as other games to discover the best 2 player board games that you can play with your partner.