If you curious about what is Best Multiplayer Xbox One Games? You do not need to dive in massage board or forums to ask their recommendation. So, you can get best one that you like in this article. As we know that there are many great games in 2018 so it might be hard to keep track as well. You can get amazing games in Xbox One for all of your interest. They are several incredible games such as: FIFA 18, Ghost Recon Wildlands and Prey that so entertained in this year.

So, here 5 Best Multiplayer Xbox One Games

  • Forza Horizon 3

This is a race game that had been set in open big open world and this game is one of good reasons that you can buy in Xbox One. There are more than 300 cars available which had been used by players to enter many events in the world game, such as: traditional point races and time attacks, the players are also able to improve and adjust their car by unlocking the needed items and parts. It features with four players online for campaign mode and 12 players online for competitive mode. So, both of them allow you to connect with your real friends to see who is the best racer in the road.

  • Rocket League

This game is one of the most unusual game that ever made. Rocket Leafye also one of the most entertain of multiplayer game in Xbox one. So, the game player centers to the game of football then four players can be connected in the screen of local multiplayer along with eight players in online mode. So, you will play with your rocket powered car to kick a big ball toward the goal as well. Even this car is also able to make another car out temporary from the field. The content is upgrade regularly by the developer, so this game is not bored and stagnant.

  • Hello: Master Chief Collection

So, this game is the compilation from the first four tittles of juggernaut Halo franchise which is named as Halo: Combat Ecolved Anniversary, Halo 2, and Halo 3, of course Halo 4. It shows you with enhanced version from those four titles. However, it’s still keep its original contain which is mean that the competitive and cooperative content where the 4 players can connect online. With many multiplayer maps and options to play cooperative in four campaign modes make this game become one of Best Multiplayer Xbox One Games.

  • Overwatch

Overwatch is the first person shooter where two six players are facing each other in this competitive game in online. Overwatch shows you with unique heroes which are similar with RPG. The players are also ale to change their heroes in certain time during matches as well.

  • NBA 2K18

Of course, the best multiplayer game does not complete without having sport title. So, this game is best played with your real friends in local multiplayer because you are able to talk each other. You can work in team with your friends and against each other.