Fortnite Impulse Grenade Guide


Epic Games has just added a new grenade in the latest Fortnite update 2.5.0 for the game’s Battle Royale mode – the Impulse Grenade. It has a blue rarity, which means that it will be a bit easier to find inside all the loot chests and supply drops.

The new grenade is so powerful that it can easily disperse a few enemies for a couple of hundred feet, in case you need to heal or just leave the danger zone. But that’s not the only way you can effectively use Impulse Grenade.

How to Use Impulse Grenade in Fortnite

A player uses an impact grenade in Fortnite to push two players off a cliffside

You might think this would be a great weapon against defense towers, but in reality, Impulse Grenades are not capable of destroying any such materials. Their only purpose is to disrupt players.

However, they can affect you, too. They also give you an opportunity to launch yourself into the air and cover a significant distance. This could be used in case you need to take out an enemy player, who camps up on the top floors of a defense tower.

If you don’t want to launch yourself up, then you can throw the grenade to the top of the tower and watch your enemy literally get blown out of it. Then, you can catch up with one or a few of them on the ground and take them out in a more convenient fashion.

As you see, this weapon has a very narrow specialization, and it just shows that Epic Games really doesn’t want players hiding behind the walls of their fortifications.

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