On January 10, 2018, Blizzard begins its very first official Overwatch League, which is a part of the brand’s eSports initiative. The league consists of 12 professional teams and will last until July 2018.

As a sign of such a grand step towards the eSports scene, Blizzard will release a whole set of special Overwatch League Skins for each of the teams. But all other players who want to support their favorite team will also get the chance to purchase at least one such skin.

All the skins are currently available for viewing in the game’s menu. However, they will become purchasable only when the league starts. So don’t get upset if you can’t buy them right away, as this option will surely be activated on January 10.

Also, Blizzard introduces a new type of in-game currency – the League Tokens. This is a special type of currency that can be used to purchase League content only. Of course, tokens will be available for purchase with real money, which in turn will support the teams.

Every Overwatch owner will receive enough to buy one skin, so it’s basically free. But if you want to support your favorite team, then it would be a good idea to purchase League Tokens and buy some additional dedicated skins.

Obviously, the skins will not drop from the loot boxes, but there is no clear information on whether this is the same case with tokens.

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