In Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, you have the rare chance to travel to other dimensions by utilizing Ultra Wormholes. You doubtlessly already know that you can use these Ultra Wormholes to find a slew of Legendaries and Ultra Beasts, but did you know they’re also useful for catching rare Pokemon and even shinies?

That’s right, Ultra Wormholes can quickly fill out your PC Boxes with valuable Pokemon if you know how to properly utilize them. In this guide, we’ll touch on everything you need to know about Ultra Wormholes and how you can use them to find Shiny Pokemon.

Let’s dive in!

Ultra Wormholes in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

After traveling through the Ultra Wormhole to reach Ultra Megalopolis during a story segment before the Pokemon League, you can ride Solgaleo or Lunala into the Ultra Wormhole at any time to explore Ultra Space. The Ultra Warp Ride plays out like a minigame.

In Ultra Space, you collect orange energy orbs to gain speed and avoid electrical energy orbs to prevent loss of momentum. If you lose too much speed, you may be sucked into an Ultra Wormhole that you didn’t want to enter.

Traveling in Ultra Space is done with gyro controls by default. However, you may switch to Circle Pad controls by complaining to the Aether Foundation employee at Game Freak’s office in Heahea City.

As a bonus, you may even choose whether you want to ride on Solgalea or Lunala by talking to Zossie or Soliera in Ultra Megalopolis. This is purely an aesthetic choice, however, since they both have the same hitbox.

In Ultra Space, there are five different colored Ultra Wormholes that lead to different types of Pokemon, Legendaries, and Ultra Beasts.

  • White Wormholes — These always lead to an Ultra Beast. The rarer the Ultra Wormhole, the rarer the Ultra Beast. Note that Ultra Beasts can be captured multiple times.
  • Red Wormhole — These lead to a cliffside. Rare bird Pokemon and various Legendaries are found here.
  • Yellow Wormhole — These lead to a cave. Rare cave-dwelling Pokemon and various Legendaries are found here.
  • Green Wormhole — These lead to a field. Rare field-dwelling Pokemon and various Legendaries are found here.
  • Blue Wormhole — These lead to a waterfall. Rare water Pokemon and various Legendaries are found here.

Note that if you accidentally knock out any Legendary Pokemon, you’ll have another opportunity to find them again. Once captured, however, you won’t be able to encounter them again in that save.

As you travel deeper into Ultra Space, you become increasingly more likely to encounter rare types of Ultra Wormholes that lead to rarer Pokemon encounters.

Ultra Wormholes Explained Rarity Levels Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Guides

The rarer the Ultra Wormhole, the more likely you are to encounter a rare Pokemon. If you go through a colored rarity Level 4 Ultra Wormhole, you’re guaranteed to find a Legendary Pokemon — unless you’ve caught all of the ones found in that color wormhole and don’t meet the requirements for any that may be left.

The further you travel in Ultra Space, the more likely you are to encounter rare Ultra Wormholes. Rarity Level 2, 3, and 4 Wormholes begin to appear more often in Ultra Space the further you go, while Rarity 1 Wormholes slowly peter out as you rack up the Light Years.

If you get really good at Ultra Warp Ride, you can use it to not only capture Legendary Pokemon but Shiny Pokemon as well.

How to find Shiny Pokemon by Exploring Ultra Wormholes in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Shiny Pokemon are surprisingly common beyond Ultra Wormholes. What’s even better is if you save before initiating the encounter and it turns out to be shiny, you’re free to soft reset for better IVs, natures, and abilities as it will always be shiny.

The rate of encountering Shiny Pokemon dramatically increases the further you travel in Ultra Space. It’s also suspected that the rarity level of the Ultra Wormhole has an impact on whether the Pokemon turns out shiny or not as well.

It’ll be easier to hunt for these shinies after you’ve captured all of the available Legendaries. However, if you wish to avoid the Legendaries for now and hunt for Shiny Pokemon, try to enter a Rarity Level 1 or 2 Ultra Wormhole after traveling several thousand Light Years through Ultra Space.

Once you get good at navigating around Ultra Wormholes, your PC boxes will be positively flooding with Legendary and Shiny Pokemon. While you’re here, be sure to check out our other Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon guides.

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