Monster Hunter World gets really difficult as soon as you hop into High Rank. Everything changes, from the monsters you fight to the very armor you craft. And with difficult challenges comes a need for better gear.

Of course, the natural response is to go for a good High Rank Armor Set that compliments your weapon of choice. You may be trying to min-max your gear with a mixed Beta set or you could be working on an Alpha set that closely compliments your play style. Whatever it is you’re trying to do, though, there are a lot of High Rank Armor sets that will do the trick.

But what if I told you there was one High Rank Armor Set that stood a peg above even the best of the best; that there’s a set so ludicrously awesome that once you put it on, you’d have a difficult time taking it off? Would that just be a little too unbelievable?

Allow me to convince you otherwise.

The Single Best Armor Set in Monster Hunter World

Later down the line in High Rank, you’ll encounter Vaal Hazak — a frightening Elder Dragon that dwells deep in the Rotten Vale. It’s a tough fight, but if you can clear it and claim your rewards, you can craft its beautiful armor set.

The Single Best High Rank Armor Set in Monster Hunter World Vaal Hazak

The Vaal Hazak Armor has an absolutely insane set bonus. Having at least three pieces of the armor on gives you passive health regeneration at all times. While that may not seem earth-shattering on paper, it gets crazy when you take certain modifiers into account.

The Recovery Speed armor skill directly affects the health regeneration effect, which seems completely intentional considering the Alpha Vaal Hazak set has several points of it. For those unaware, Recovery Speed dramatically increases how quickly the red bit of your health bar regenerates, so seeing that crazy regenerative effect carry over to the rest of the health bar is dizzying, to say the least.

On top of all that, the Alpha set even has a skill called Full Charge, which increases your attack power at maximum health. Since you’ll be at full health a lot with this armor, the skill is actually enticing and really rounds out an already nice set. It’s definitely a set that’s well worth the grind.

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