Word Charm Answers, Cheats and Solutions for all levels


Word Charm is one of the most addictive gameplay of word search games, with superb graphics and good interaction design. It’s the best way to kill time, easy to play and help you train your brain as well as learn more new words. Take a break from your work and refresh your brain in Word Charm! You’re going to love it!

New gameplay of word puzzle games
Simply swipe letters to form words, easy to grasp and fun to play. You can shuffle the letters to change their orders. More words you find, more coins you will get which you can use in later levels to get hints when you’re stuck.

2000+ levels for you to play
More than 2000 levels for you to play which are easy in the beginning and become hard gradually. You’ll find it challenging but interesting enough to keep you playing. We’ll update these levels every now and then to give you surprises continually.

Well-designed interfaces and beautiful graphics
Our interfaces are intuitive and easy to grasp. We offer you many crafted blocks of letters and backgrounds to choose from so you’ll never get bored. We’ll update them in time so you’ll always have something to look forward to.

Best way to relax and train your brain
Word Charm can help you exercise your mind and improve your memory ability when you have to try your best to find many words with given letters. Sometimes, the answer is so obvious but you just cannot make out the word, which is the most interesting part of this game.

• Superb graphics and well-designed interfaces.
• New gameplay of word games: simply connect the letters to form words.
• 2000+ levels for you to play with increasing difficulty.
• 10+ beautiful themes to choose from.
• Daily challenge offers extra bonus and more fun.
• Find as many words as you can and get more bonus in extra words.
• Tap “Shuffle” button to change the layout of letters.
• Tap “Hint” button when you get stuck.
• Tap “Friends” button to share with your friends or ask for help when you’re stuck.
• You can play it anywhere and anytime you want with or without connecting to the network.
• Totally free for all players.
• Perfect for kids as well to improve their spelling.

  • Link Download: Google Play
  • Created by Casual Game Collection

Word Charm Answers

Level 1. bus us
Level 2. am map
Level 3. we me mew
Level 4. be by bye
Level 5. or of for
Level 6. us use sue
Level 7. at an ant
Level 8. on no won now
Level 9. at eat tea
Level 10. is it sit its
Level 11. as so also
Level 12. go row grow
Level 13. in nice ice
Level 14. be bet set best
Level 15. am me meal male
Level 16. at art rat star
Level 17. it me tie time
Level 18. in is ink skin
Level 19. by buy rub ruby
Level 20. act cat tap pact
Level 21. as ash was wash
Level 22. pot top stop post
Level 23. man men mean name
Level 24. eat tap tea tape
Level 25. an are near earn
Level 26. no one pen open
Level 27. are ear war wear
Level 28. ace cap pea pace
Level 29. not one ten note
Level 30. at tea meat team
Level 31. give given
Level 32. ice vice voice
Level 33. me my merry
Level 34. it hit tick thick
Level 35. he we lie while
Level 36. am as all mall small
Level 37. see seen sense
Level 38. hit him might
Level 39. at to lot total
Level 40. of or for fool rool floor
Level 41. am arm mad drama
Level 42. in it nut unit until
Level 43. die due dig guide
Level 44. age all leg legal
Level 45. us duty dust study
Level 46. all ash hall shall
Level 47. if it fit hit fifth
Level 48. see seek knee knees
Level 49. he we her here where
Level 50. let set yes style yet