Word Swipe Answers, Cheats and Solutions for all levels


Enjoy Animals & Foods based packs with 18 full featured levels in this free version of Word Swipe.

Very Addictive word search game with several packs based on different topics!!!
Learn new words from online dictionary while playing each topic based level.

*** Game Facts ***

– Unique Word search game with scores, ranking and online competition.
– Each pack is based on a particular topic with nine levels.
– Learn new words from online dictionary after each level.
– Normal, Medium, Hard & Expert difficulty modes.
– Challenge your skills in 4 difficulty modes in several packs.
– Compete with thousands of players around the world.
– Languages : English, Spanish, French, German, Italian & Portuguese.

*** Game Play ***

– Swipe over the characters in the board to form words shown above it.
– Find all the words in the list to complete the level.
– Faster you find words higher the score & ranking.

*** Other Features ***

– Awesome graphics with fluid animations.
– 5 Themes supported : Board, Fabric, Paper, Wood & Metal.
– Choose your board size to match your skill.
– All packs have individual player ranking system based on the highest Score achieved.
– Your rank naturally improves along with your skill as you play again and again, thats what makes WordSwipe so addictive.

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  • Created by Apprope

Word Swipe Level 1 – 10 Answers

Level 1: Word
Level 2: Find
Level 3: Cake
Level 4: Tear
Level 5: Idea
Level 6: Tour
Level 7: Post
Level 8: Foal
Level 9: Year
Level 10: Omit

Word Swipe Level 11 – 20 Answers

Word Swipe Level 11: SSwipe, Word
Word Swipe Level 12: Play, Games
Word Swipe Level 13: Fence,flag
Word Swipe Level 14: Advantage
Word Swipe Level 15: Note,paper
Word Swipe Level 16: Kayak,Duck
Word Swipe Level 17: Happy,time
Word Swipe Level 18: Pigsty,fly
Word Swipe Level 19: Jam, Puzzle
Word Swipe Level 20: Peace,love

Word Swipe Level 21 – 30 Answers

Word Swipe Level 21 Spring, box
Word Swipe Level 22 Cheese, fan
Word Swipe Level 23 Waffle,sun
Word Swipe Level 24 Shovel, Dog
Word Swipe Level 25 Bench, Gift
Word Swipe Level 26 Tag, Purple
Word Swipe Level 27 Cover, over
Word Swipe Level 28 Quiz, shock
Word Swipe Level 29 Hour, Title
Word Swipe Level 30 Egg, tennis