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Best 4K TV for gaming is needed when you want to have quality gaming time. For gamers, playing game is really fun. So, finally they want to make their gaming time become so high quality. The way to improve gaming time quality is playing game in best 4K TV for gaming. Nowadays, there are so many 4K TV available for gaming. But, not every 4K TV has high quality. So, what are best 4K TV for gaming? Read some information below to know more about it.

Choosing Best 4K TV for Gaming

As mentioned before, there are so many types of 4K TV that can be your choice. Some of you may feel confuse to choose best 4K TV for gaming. Actually, you can consider some things. 4K TV will have high quality. As we know that 4K means ultra HD. It will deliver perfect graphic when you play a game. For gamer who want to enjoy more a game, playing game in 4K TV is really recommended.

Although there are so many types of 4K TV for gaming, make sure you choose 4K TV that features HDR. HDR is High Dynamic Range. It is a technology that increases the range of brightness leveled on your TV. So, you can easily set the brightness that makes you feel comfortable during playing a game. You can also choose 4K TV for gaming that features powerful speaker. It helps you enjoy gaming time.

What is Best 4K TV for Gaming?

There are some 4K TV that are included into best 4K TV for gaming. Here are some best 4K TV for gaming that can be your choice:

  • Sony XBR-65Z9D

The first recommendation for you is Sony XBR-65Z9D. This 4K TV comes with great features and specifications. It is 65 inches TV with best resolution (3840×2160). So, you can enjoy clear graphic whenever you play a game on this TV. This TV is also smart TV that allows you to connect the television with other device. You can also find panel technology, LCD with direct LED lighting and local dimming to improve the quality of your gaming time. It also features HDR.

  • Samsung UN65KS9800

It is other best 4K TV for gaming. Same with the TV mentioned before, it is also 65 inches TV with best resolution. It comes as smart TV and features so many great features, such as HDR and direct LED light system. This TV is good for you who want to combine low input lag with HDR excellence.

  • LG OLED55E6

If 65 inches TV is too big for you, or spending too much space in your home, you can buy LG OLED55E6. It is 55 inches 4K TV with OLED panel technology. It is also smart TV and has freesat HD turner. You can choose this television to make you enjoy your gaming time.

Other best and recommended 4K TV for you are Samsung UN55KS8000, Sony XBR-75X940D, and Samsung UN49KS8500. You can choose one of best 4K TV for gaming that has been mentioned above to get more amazing gaming time.