One of the best ways to enjoy games with top-notch graphics on Xbox One is by playing it with another person.  Xbox One games, with their stunning graphics, are already great if you play them alone with the game’s AI, but if you play the best co op Xbox One games with a real human partner, in either competitive or cooperative gameplay, your enjoyment will multiply. If you are a kind of person who enjoys socializing with other people using games, check the following 3 Xbox One games that will surely entertain you and your playing partner.

Best Co Op Xbox One Games

1. FIFA 18 and PES 2018; the Best Co Op Xbox One Games for Football Addicts

Football game has always been the best co op game not only because of its strong fan base, but also because its multiplayer mechanics is considered the best. It doesn’t split the screen, it is not a hot-seat game and it can be played either locally or online. Both EA and Konami recently released their respective football game franchises on September 2017. If you are a football lover, you should definitely try either or both. There is no better or worse between both games as each has its own fan base, but they both offer improved graphics, improved gameplay, and certainly fresh excitement that makes them among the best co op Xbox One games.

2. Mortal Kombat X and Tekken 7; the Best Xbox One Games for Fighting Lovers

If you love fighting games, you will enjoy playing these two games on your beloved console. Mortal Kombat series has long been known for its gruesome and brutal depiction of fatalities and brutalities, but none in the series portrays those finishing techniques in a more terrifying way than Mortal Kombat X does. Tekken is also a game in the fighting genre that is considered unique because unlike other fighting games that involve super moves and projectiles, Tekken focuses on close combat using punches, kicks, throws, and combos. Tekken 7, however, adds a special move called Rage that can be activated when the health bar is low.

3. All Xbox One LEGO games

There are more than ten LEGO games that you can play on Xbox One, so playing all of them with a partner is surely a big gaming experience. LEGO games may look childish, but even adults can actually enjoy them. There are many reasons to play those games, with high-quality graphics being the clearest one. All LEGO games look very much realistic just like their real plastic counterparts. Playing LEGO games with a partner will not make your TV screen look smaller because screen splitting occurs only when both players’ characters are separated too far from each other. When they are in close proximity, the split suddenly disappears. LEGO games are also considered the best co op Xbox gamesbecause of the characters they represent (The Avengers, X Men, DC Heroes, etc.),  interesting plot and gameplay, huge number of collectibles, excellent replayability, and—the most important of all—mind-bending puzzles.