Best Turn Based Strategy Games has many fans. Last year became the best year for this game. There are many games with popular genres and surprise you because the game is filled with explosions. This game is always a surprise. Calm conditions will rise and disturb you. This game continues to grow with an unexpected number. This is a genre that cannot be forgotten by everyone.

2016 is the year for Turn Based Strategy Games. There are many companies that create games with traditional genres to bend the genre. There are some best titles in the last year and you can switch to the perfect console. There are companies that launch special games for personal computers. This is a dedicated computer that will get critical acclaim from fans. This article contains some games with a strategy genre to be played in this year. You will get an exciting experience playing this game.

Best Turn Based Strategy Games: XCOM 2

Enemy Unknown uses a classic style in 2012. This game uses a new generation player to introduce the genre with a turn-based. The sequel of this game has been present at four years later. The latest sequel has gone beyond the game with the old genre. Aliens have won after 20 years. You must be the leader of the XCOM rebellion. You must drive aliens from the earth. The essence of the game remains the same. You have to send troops for a dangerous mission. The mission is based on the maps provided by this game. The key to this game is getting the right position and tactics. If you do not do so, then your squad will be removed from this game. You must add the ability to make squad members into real-life figures. You will see your brother destroyed by attacks from aliens. This definitely makes you feel unhappy. Your brother can be killed because of the alien. This is the definition of a strategy game. You can fight to fight aliens this year.

Best Turn Based Strategy Games: Atlas Reactor

This is not a game with traditional strategy. Two teams from four players will fight simultaneously. The player who kills the most at the end of the game is the one who will be the winner. Both teams will decide what to do at the beginning of the round. All these actions will be played from this game. This action will correspond to the four stages that are held in sequence. If you want to avoid such attacks, then you should be able to avoid the steps in the previous stage. Maybe this sounds complicated but this game can be controlled easily.

Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars

This is a battle game consisting of warships, tanks, and so forth. You will see a sophisticated weapon used for fighting. The game is still orthodox. This game has a visual modernization. This game uses a classic strategy so you will definitely be reminded of traditional techniques. Traditional strategies coupled with sophisticated war equipment provide the latest sensation for all game players. This is a revival of Best Turn Based Strategy Games.