When you think about strategy games, you may think about Age of Empires, Civilization, and other video games of the strategy genre that pit you against computer AI or one or more human players. Don’t you know that there are actually a lot of best two player board games that also involve deep and careful strategy? If you are a strategy lover who wishes to look for anywhere but your TV screen, some board games are actually great strategy games that offer much fun to strategy lovers. If you are interested in playing strategy on a tabletop, think about playing the following strategy board games with your partner.

1. Map-Based Board Games; the Best Two Player Board Games of World Domination Genre

Map-based board games are always lovable because they use real world map as the arena, thus implying a world domination scene, which many people love. Many board games use this theme, the most famous of which is Risk. In Risk, you pick your chunks of world territory, strengthen them with your units, and fight with other players to defend your territory or to expand it. Although it is considered one of the  best two player board games, it can also be played by three or more players, making it a truly competitive game for strategy lovers. Besides Risk, there are other board games that use world map as the arena, such as Path to Glory with its WW1 theme, Combat Commander with its WW2 theme, and Twilight Struggle with its Cold War theme.

2. The Best Two Player Board Games that Simulate Business Strategies

If you cannot dominate the world through force, you can dominate the world through wealth. Business-themed board games are great games to play if you want to enjoy business simulation on a tabletop. For children, tabletop business simulation and resource management is great for teaching them about financial transaction and micromanagement. There are many board games that involve the use of business strategies and resource management. Monopoly is the best example, but you can also play other business-themed games, including monopoly’s multiple add-ons and spin-offs and Brass, in which players play the role of an entrepreneur in England during the industrial revolution.

3. Board Games that Rely Less on Luck and More on Tactic

Experts say that pure game boards are those that involve less luck and more thinking. Games that use dices obviously favor lucky players, but there are many dice-less board games that are surely great for great thinkers. Many traditional board games, such as the game of Go, chess and checkers, are considered skill-based games that involve very little luck to win. There are also 9 men’s morris and its variations that are also considered great strategy games for thinkers. If you are looking for more modern examples of the best two player board games that don’t use dice, you should look into Area Control, Auction, and Fisticuffs. They are great board games that require you to think more and to rely less on luck.