Dragon City Hack Tool Cheat – Get Unlimited Money for Android & iOS


Download Dragon City Mod & Dragon City Hack Generator for all platforms including Facebook, Android & iOS.

Dragon City is one of the most popular simulation games with over 5 million players on Facebook. To be true, I was addicted to this game a few months back, and I dug into ways to find the Dragon City Hack Tool or cheat which would give me unlimited money!

Before Pokemon GO hit the trending list in 2016, I was basically enjoying Dragon City. You can get this working cheat for free, and it requires no root access. 😀

Dragon City Hack Tool & Cheat

If you’re running Android, you can directly download Dragon City Mod from the downloads below. For iOS and Facebook users, you need to use the Dragon City Generator to hack unlimited gems, food, and gold. 😉

The hack is easy to use and has asuccess rate of 87 percent. So, by any chance, if it doesn’t work for you, don’t get disappointed. If you own an Android device, you can definitely enjoy playing the mod.

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Now, for Facebook & iOS users…

If you play Dragon City via Facebook or on your Apple device, you gotta use the Dragon City Generator. You should know that this generator does work, but it’s very risky and has a slight chance of getting your account banned permanently which you definitely don’t want. 😀

Keep your usage into a limit and use it wisely to avoid any bans. I have tried this generator several times, and I only added small amounts of resources so I don’t get banned.

How to use the Dragon City Generator?

You can clearly see the screenshot of the generator above. Firstly, you need to connect your Facebook/Google/AppStore account to the generator. Once you have done that, the hack will execute its commands to successfully integrate to your account. 😉

Then you need to enter the amount of gold, food or gems you want. I say “DON’T OVER DO IT!“. Please don’t risk your account by adding millions. The anti-cheat system will definitely catch you for executing this hack and might result in a permanent ban.


I’m pretty sure this Hack Tool will help all the players. One of the greatest pros of this thing is that it requires no root access. Many users while rooting their newest Android flagships had encountered OS issues, and that could be fatal for a new phone.

This hack is safe to use as long as you use it cautiously. As I said earlier, don’t overuse it. If you’re using Android, your steps to follow are simple, just download, install and run. The steps for the Dragon City Hack Generator is much more time consuming but it’s worth it. 😉

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