The much-awaited release from Crytek with heavy bounty-hunter elements and an emphasis on PvE gameplay, HUNT: Showdown is a beautiful game—for what it is. Still in Early Access through Steam, HUNT is not without its quirks, as many players have found themselves unable to play due to bugs and error codes. Here are a few fixes and workarounds for the most common errors to date:

Screen Resolution Stuck at 800×600

Hit Alt + Enter twice in succession to fix your screen size.

Game Crashes Right After Launch

If your game doesn’t even launch, or you get a black screen before it crashes, check that your windows is up to date. If you’re running Win 10, look for update KB 2670838 and try relaunching the game after your Windows restarts.

Error 0x107d1: Matchmaking Error

The most effective known workaround to this bug is for both players who wish to play as allies to enter the Random queue on the same server. You may have to keep trying, but it has worked for some players only after multiple attempts.

Error 0x100a and 0x200b: Attempted Matchmaking Across Regions

These errors are triggered when a player is attempting to invite someone from a different region as them, or by accepting an invite from a player in a different region. Make sure you are in the same region as your ally when you try matchmaking.

Error 0x3001: No Network Connection

A few things could cause this error. First, double-check your network connection. If you’re connected, but the game still displays this error, make sure you have added HUNT to your firewall and antivirus whitelist/exceptions and try restarting.

Error 0x3003: Authentication Failure

Make sure you launch the game through steam. You can also try reinstalling the game and launching again.

Error 0x3004: Version Mismatch

If your game is out of date you will keep seeing this error until you update it. Some players have had success simply uninstalling and reinstalling the game as well.

Error 0x4004 and Easy AntiCheat Not Installed

Both of these errors can be remedied by navigating to your local game files and installing Easy AntiCheat manually as an administrator.

If you don’t know how to find you local game files, go to your Steam library, right-click HUNT: Showdown and scroll down to Properties. Go to the Local Files tab at the top and click Browse Local Files. Open the Easy AntiCheat folder and run the Setup.exe as an administrator.

If you aren’t sure if you’re using an administrator account on your PC, right click the Setup.exe and click Run as Administrator.

Error 0x4007: Easy AntiCheat Ban

You’ve been banned by Easy AntiCheat and will need to contact support for any further assistance with your account.

Error 0x10010: Server-side Error

This is a known-issue with HUNT, and devs urge players to send a support ticket when they encounter it. This bug usually effects everyone simultaneously, so don’t think it’s just you. When reporting a bug, devs ask that you include a few key pieces of info to help them pinpoint the source of the problem and roll out a solution:

  1. Where in-game the bug occurred. Were you in-menu, in the queue, mid-game?
  2. When it occurred, or a time-frame of when it happened
  3. A detailed description of what happened or what the problem is
  4. Include your steam name
  5. If a specific character was affected, include the name of that character in your bug report
Error 0x10010: Known Issue

Another known-issue, devs are working hard to get this one fixed. Keep in mind, the HUNT: Showdown team has announced a series of server restarts as of February 23rd that will mean moments where you are unable to connect. This is still an early-access game, so try to understand that it takes a village to make a good game, and Crytek has a history of appealing to its fans and listening to its players. You’ll likely have to be patient and keep trying to connect when this bug pops up, as the guys and gals behind the scenes work diligently to get the game up and running again.

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