The final Monster Hunter: World beta is upon us, and this time around, Capcom provides players the chance to go up against one of the more imposing and dangerous beasts: Nergigante. Nergigante is an Elder Dragon, one of the most powerful monster species in the series, as you’d expect from the name and appearance. Much as it seems like you’ll be in for a drawn-out battle, though, it’s not so difficult as it might first appear, and it’s an excellent introduction to the sort of fighting you’ll be doing in the main game.

How to Find Nergigante

Before you begin looking for the fell beast, you’ll have to accept the quest “The Insatiable Nergigante.” Your search will take you to the Wildspire Waste, a mix of swamp and sand with plenty of monsters that have adapted to the respective environments. As you make your way to the Elder Dragon, keep in mind that Nergigante will attack as soon as you enter medium range, so don’t get too close unless you’re completely prepared for the fight.

Monster Hunter: World — Nergigante’s Weakness

In the Monster Hunter: World beta, Nergigante is powerful, but lacks the massive amounts of health series veterans might be used to with other Elder Dragons. However, that doesn’t mean you can take it lightly. Like all other Monster Hunter monsters, Nergigante telegraphs its impending attacks to you, but in general, if you move around the dragon as much as possible, you should stay relatively safe.

Nergigante’s weak areas are its belly and back legs, so make those areas your primary targets. You’ll know you’re making progress in the fight once Nergigante begins to limp, which is your sign to press your advantage and move in for the finish.

But, if you find you’re having difficulties against Nergigante, you can break off its spines to hamper its attack abilities. To do that, just make the spines your target, or move out of the way when Nergigante performs a dive bomb attack (which automatically breaks off spines). However, these grow back after a little while, so you’ll want to balance between attacking spines and attacking Nergigante’s weak points as well.

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