Walking Dead: Road To Survival – Tips, Tricks & Cheats For Android & iOS

Game Description:

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The Walking Dead: Road to Survival is the conclusive Walking Dead pretending diversion encounter, conveyed to you by Robert Kirkman, maker of The Walking Dead comic.

Construct your group of Survivors and lead them into fight in an uncompromising story mode loaded with threat. Battle for survival against walkers and people alike, utilizing methodology to assault adversary feeble focuses and profound RPG movement to choose your way. Construct a town to keep the walkers under control, however be cautioned – The abhorrences that prowl outside aren’t the main risk, and your choices are all that remain amongst life and passing.

In light of an all-new story from honor winning Walking Dead author Jay Bonansinga, the dull tasteful of this amusement mirrors the uncompromising choices you should make as you battle for survival.

“The Walking Dead: Road to Survival [is a] smooth, cleaned procedure diversion” – Yahoo Tech

“The Walking Dead: Road to Survival diversion is an enormous hit for Scopely and Skybound” – Examiner

Remain with Michonne, Rick and different saints from The Walking Dead TV show, and join the epic fight against The Governor’s oppression.


Battle Walkers and Survivors

• Battle against savage rivals and utilize your best procedure to survive
• Headshot! Arrive basic hits and arrangement devastating hits to your foes
• Charge adversaries with extraordinary scuffle and extended assaults utilizing fatal weapons like Michonne’s katana

Technique Gameplay – Capitalize on Strengths and Exploit Weaknesses

• Tactics are vital to scoring effective hits – however look out for striking back
• Your fight technique is all that is guarding the Survivors of Woodbury – Strategize and strike to win

Construct a Base and Expand into the Wasteland

• Start constructing a definitive place of refuge to keep the horrible walkers out
• Build houses to hold Survivors, a Town Hall to extend your city, a Workshop to art things, and then some

PvP – Raid Enemies

• Raid foe groups for assets in the NEW All Out War online mode
• Multiplayer fights and a completely open world loaded with potential adversaries. Utilize shrewd PvP system to beat the competition

Gather and Recruit Survivors

• Survivors from The Walking Dead funnies join your group, including Michonne, Rick, Andrea and Glenn
• Collect new gathering individuals, each with their own particular specialization
• Join Lee and Clementine from Telltale’s hit The Walking Dead enterprise diversion in a fresh out of the box new voyage

Update Your Survivors

• Customize your Survivors to build their battling force, weapons and abilities
• RPG movement makes your Survivors more grounded as they chop down more walkers
• Zombie crowds never rest – keep your group fight prepared to survive

Join Online Factions

• Multiplayer partnerships will protect you. Join partners to make a fight system, pool assets and make due in the brutal universe of The Walking Dead
• Battle and fabricate together with companions in multiplayer pretending amusement activity

The Ultimate Walking Dead Experience

• Enter the universe of The Walking Dead, battling and getting by close by saints from The Walking Dead funnies, diversions and that’s just the beginning

Settle on Decisions and Change the Story

• Decisions affect the story mode and make each amusement crusade extraordinary
• Write your own Survivor story in this dynamic and convincing Walking Dead RPG

Walkers tear at your city’s dividers outside, while urgent Survivors tear separated the town’s establishments from within. At the point when the time comes to battle, what will you pick?


Here you discover the Walking Dead: Road to Survival Guide with tips, traps and tricks for Android and iOS. The Game we as of late introduced to you in a widely audit. Presently we need to convey you nearer to a few tips for battling and other substance of the diversion.

Since The Walking Dead: Road to Survival is somewhat exceptionally mind boggling, the correct system must be found to dependably develop in the attacks and in the battle as the champ. While this is basic toward the starting, the trouble increments while you advance through the amusement. At that point, the correct methodology and the correct updates are fundamental, you would prefer not to squander your vitality. Don’t hesitate to leave us a remark, in the event that you have some more The Walking Dead: Road to Survival Tips that must be informed in this guide.

Strolling Dead: Road to Survival Tips and Tricks:

Beneath you’ll discover a lot of tips and traps for the diversion The Walking Dead: Road to Survival. We go to the base, the characters and the battles. We additionally clarify the distinction amongst attacks, and the world guide. In the following area we manage the groups, which you can participate in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival.

Strikes, worldmap and guide: The distinction

Most importantly, we will bring up the contrast between the distinctive sorts of missions. Besides, there is a world-vitality and strike vitality. For Raids RAID vitality is required for the world and guide the world’s vitality is required.

Attacks: Fight against different players of The Walking Dead Road to Survival, to ascend in the rankings

Guide: Time-constrained missions that bring diverse rewards and things

World: single-player missions with different stations and segments

General Tips to battle for The Walking Dead: Road to Survival

Next up we have a couple tips for the fight to come, since this is at last the most vital piece of The Walking Dead: Road to Survival. Before going into fight, you ought to dependably focus on the qualities. Halfway the qualities of the zombies will be shown before every mission, so you can choose the fitting characters, who have leverage over these.

In the battle itself, you can tap the zombies and pick freely, which one is to be assaulted. On the other hand, you can robotize the battle by tapping the bolt at the base left. Be that as it may, it is prudent to utilize your people free. Here are a couple tips to The Walking Dead: Road to Survival:

Continuously Kill the zombies, who are the nearest to your kin

Utilize the surge deliberately and not straightforwardly, if this is conceivable

In the event that you don’t realize what is the unique capacity of a man, then tap on the symbol and hold this down

On the off chance that zombies are taking cover behind blockades, then just extended weapons offer assistance. Along these lines, it bodes well to assault first scuffle revealed people, else they are pointless in the round

Besides, you can utilize things in the battle that you get either as a reward or can be created in the workshop. How you ought to utilize this, we have recorded in a later tip to The Walking Dead: Road to Survival.

Select weapons for your characters

Before going into fight, you ought to investigate the weapons for your characters. By changing your group you require again in part reassign the weapons. Every weapon is relegated to a trademark, so that for instance the extreme element must be utilized on intense weapons. Under every weapon is additionally the capacity of the weapon. Some bring more assault, others aid the guard et cetera. Pick the correct segment to coordinate the right weapons.

Grow your base in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival

Another vital piece of The Walking Dead Road to Survival is the extension of the base. Here you ought to constantly first redesign the city lobby, to later update different structures to a more elevated amount. Moreover, this will grow the land zone on which you can put different structures and ranches.

Likewise imperative in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival is the material post, since this constantly should be moved up to have enough space for material. Another essential working in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival is the preparation ground. Here you can change over made due into characters that you can then use to step up your kin.

Utilize your things in the battles with care

Moreover, you can utilize things in the battles. So you can for instance, top off the life of your kin once more. These things you can make in the workshop. At the point when a character has been assaulted, for instance, and a considerable measure of life focuses are lost, you ought to recharge the life, so that the individual does not kick the bucket immediately.

More Tips and Tricks to The Walking Dead: Road to Survival

In the event that despite everything you have more tips and traps to The Walking Dead: Road to Survival, then essentially compose a remark. The more broad this article can be.

Join a group in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival

Another essential angle in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival are the groups. At level 5 you can no lone set up your own group, additionally join a current one. We need to bring up a few perspectives.

Focus on the district in which you are playing

The application The Walking Dead: Road to Survival depends on various areas, in which you begin haphazardly. Every area has its own particular groups. Inside the English-talking nations, there are a few districts.

To become more acquainted with in what district of The Walking Dead: Road to Survival you’re playing, tap the base right of the “Menu” – > “Alternatives” – > “Areas”. As of now there are a few English areas. You can join another district whenever, however need to begin again in the new locale.

That is all in this instructional exercise. Trust you all like it. In the event that you have any inquiries or questions, please ask in the remarks segment underneath. Much obliged to you.